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Jean-Loup Fourure, born in 1970 in France, has lived in Berlin for more than 20 years, from there he works on and off stage all over Europe for acting, Workshops and stagecombat lessons. At the Potsdam castle night, Jean-Loup already took over several times, many fencing roles and stood with the Moabiter theatrical show on the stage in "Tartuffe" (director: Johanna Martin) in the main role. He was be seen in various features as well as commercial films. For example, in 2010, he played the Fencing Master, Monsieur Beaulieu, in the Oscar-nominated political thriller "Anonymous" (director: Roland Emmerich).

Jean-Loup Fourure is often simultaneously behind and on the stage as the active fencing and fight choreographer. In 2013 he took over for the short film „The Don Juan of the seven seas" (director: Roland Hüve) at the Bremerhaven municipal theatre. He did fencing and fight choreography and in addition, he slipped in with the role of the evil Gaspard de la
Nuit. In 2014 the film was nominated for the Combatcon festival in Las Vegas.
In 2015 Jean-Loup Fourure played at the Bielefeld municipal theater in the musical „Cyrano from Bergerac" (director: Thomas Winter) in the role of the Vicomte de Valvert and on top of that he produced numerous fight scenes.

As a member of the German Academy for Fencing Art (ADFD) Jean-Loup Fourure has already had the chance, in many big and smaller productions, to take over the Stage Combat and to work with actors. He worked for instance in 2011 for the production of „King Lear" (director: Hans Neuenfels) in the Berlin Komische Opera, and in 2012 for „Cyrano de Bergerac" and „Tombstone or The duel" (director: Matthias Straub) in the Coburg theater of them Creation of the fight choreography. In 2011 he was involved in the Filmpark Babelberg in the show „ The Three Musketeers".

In addition, in 2008, he himself directed the film "Saturday Tights Fever".
Also, Jean-Loup is asked more and more often for musical productions. He was hired for example for "The Three Musketeers" the childrens musical" at Tecklenburg castle‘s Open-air plays (director: Hakan T. Aslan) and for „West Side Story" in 2016 (director: Pascale Chevroton) in Erfurt. In the summer of 2017 he will choreograph the fight scenes for
the musical "Zorro" (direction: Ulrich Mokrusch) at the Bremenhafen municipal theater.
.As a professional fight choreographer, Jean-Loup has some knowledge of martial arts. By learning the Wing Tai fighting art, he is familiar with real fighting situations.
His passion to transmit his knowledge led him to giving lessons.
For more than two years he has enjoyed giving private lessons to professional actors as well as amateurs, doing coaching and holding Workshops.
Since the beginning of 2017, Jean-Loup has been a teacher for stage Combat at the Charlottenburg drama school in Berlin.







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