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Actors are the most dangerous people to have to duel with...
because we don't know how to handle ourselves...
(Errol Flynn)

This quote sums up the state of every fencing novice. Introducing the element of combat into acting unsettles many actors for fear of injuring a colleague or being hurt themselves. Add to that the fencing steps, posture, parries, thrusts and other techniques required and you find yourself facing quite a challenge.

Benefiting from more that 10 years experience of stage fencing in both film and theatre, I know how important it is to have confidence in both your own skills, and those of your fencing partner, in order fully concentrate on your acting performance. Mastering fencing technique is the foundation to learning different fencing styles as well as how to handle different types of weapon. It is my aim to enable my students to master the choreography of fencing, improving the harmony between the players, to allow more freedom for acting and dramatisation in the performance.

I offer flexible tuition to Actors, Dancers, Singers, Stunt Performers and anyone else interested in learning the art of stage fencing. Tuition is tailored to the client's individual skills and fitness levels, and can include workshops, individual classes and group sessions. The content is also adaptable to the requirements of the client, and can cover the following areas:

  1. Unarmed stage combat
  2. Basics of stage fencing
  3. General fitness
  4. Fight choreography
  5. Historical fencing styles
  6. Fighting with a variety of weapons including small swords, rapiers, long swords,
    dual handed fencing, and duelling with quarterstaves

In addition to tuition, I also offer fight choreography and acting services to film, television and theatrical productions. For details of my previous work, please refer to my comp card.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Knowing how to handle ourselves the show can go on!

Best regards with a fencing Salute!
Jean-Loup Fourure

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Tel.: 00 49 (0)1578 59 76 030



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